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Laugh and grow - Carole Miville

                                                   $9.99 Can
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Would you like to laugh more often in your life?
Would you like to develop your sense of humor?
Would you like to attract more funny people?
Would you like to learn how to manage your emotions in a funny way?
Would you like to learn how to de-dramatize situations?
Would you like to remember funny stories and tell them?
Would you like to learn how to create an amusing physical environment for yourself?
Would you like to learn how to create an amusing mental environment for yourself?
Would you like to learn how to develop your imagination through humor?
Would you like to learn how games could be a release and anti-stress tool?
Would you like to develop an effective policy of humor at work?

If you have
answered "Yes" to one of these questions, you are ready to discover the humorist within you!

E-Book format only, 78 pages

Monday, I used one of the tips from your book.  We do our management meeting every Monday and we usually start it off with  an inspirational meeting.  Instead I did humor.  It was a huge success and really helped start the meeitng off on a better tone, much less serious and we ended up having a very productive meeting! 

Kay Rosenthal PhD, RN

Laughter meditation - Carole Miville

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Relax with this laughter meditation

It has been proven that laughter is good for your health... It is a kind of respiratory massage..  When we laugh, we produce endorphins that help us attain a relaxation effect… A lot of muscles in our body are sollicitated:  mainly the “zygomaticus muscles”.
But what about stimulating other parts of your body?
This is an unusual meditation! You will have a lot of fun with this laughter meditation! You will stimulate endorphin by creating an   hilarious  "laughter party" in your body with the smilley cells! In less then 10 minutes, you will feel so relaxed! What's also a good way  to initiate kids to meditation!

Download this meditation in MP3 format

Living Proof- Lisa Nichols-Carole Miville

"Carole, you have such a powerfully healing story.
I LOVE THIS OPENING!   I not only related to it, I laughed my butt off".

Lisa Nichols

Living Proof (livre)

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LIVING PROOF , Celebrating the Gifts that Came Wrapped in Sandpaper
Carole Miville is one of the 39 co-authors directed by Lisa Nichols for this best seller.
Lisa Nichols is one of the participants of the international best seller, THE SECRET.
In this book, Carole relates how humor and laughter have helped her get through one of the most difficult times in her life: accompanying her Mom in the last five years of her life!
Need some courage? 39 inspiring stories when you feel down...

240 pages