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Psychometric Test - Synergimax

Better self-knowledge is critical to progress in life.

Knowing others and their operation mode is essential to good human relations ...

A psychometric test can help in this regard.

Why is it so easy to communicate with a person and so difficult with another one?

We all have different ways of working and it is the purpose of a psychometric test to bring to our attention. Synergimax psychometric test identifies 5 
typologies and 18 types of operation.

Whether you're the type IMAGINATIVE-AFFECTIVE-COGNITIVE-SOCIAL-PHYSICAL, you will enjoy discovering the fears that stop you, the reasons that propel you and the differences or similarities that make you feel more or less well with others .


The Synergimax psychometric test is a results of 15 years of research and is scientifically validated by Dr. Serge Racine of the University of Montreal.

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