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"All participating delegates of this World Wellness Women’s Congress 2009  were extremely happy with your powerful presence and all of them have sincerely expressed their utmost appreciation for making their participation meaningful and absolutely worthwhile.

I am extremely pleased to share the credit of our success to your priceless contribution and sincere wishes. I thank you for being there with us directly and indirectly and playing a significant role in ensuring our success."

Prof. P. I Peter
World Wellness Organisation

"Carole is super funny and easy to listen to.
Having more fun, more humor and a general opportunity for play is NEEDED! Thank you for teaching me to have fun again!"
Steven Stokes
Events etc…
Denver, Colorado

"Carole Miville is an energetic and hilarious humor trainer who brings innovative and unusual style to her profoundly amazing and astonishing program.
She provides specific techniques to increase laughter, lessen stress and bring light to a room.
I highly recommend her program to everyone who could use a little less stress and a lot more fun in their lives."
Dr Kerstin Kelly
Fenelon Animal Clinic Professional Corporation

laugh and grow

"I am sending you this little note to express my deep appreciation for the  love and care you showed for our association during our Annuel Congress 2008.
I want you to know that your presence, your valuable teachings, your being and your humor have made a big difference in the lives of our family members.  Below are some testimonials from them…"
Prof. P. I. Peter.
Indian Divine Noni Family

"You  have  conducted  the  program in a nice fashion and  all  enjoyed  your joke program . Of  course  laughing  is  the best  medicine. Naturally  I  like  laughing   and  I  used  to  laugh even  if  I  conduct  a  serious  meeting. That  release  tension  during the  meeting  and  at  the  same  time I am  able  to  get  the  required  scientific  or  administrative  content."
Prof. Dr. S.Kannaiyan, Indian Divine Noni Family

Indian Noni Famili

"I was very impressed by your great training on humor and laughing.
I am now your fan  in India.
In your training I liked your
Tea session…
T = thought
E = emotion
A = action
I am very happy that you have given me such a beautiful gift which will keep everybody in my family happy forever.
Thanking you."
Kindly keep on guiding us.
Dr. Yashraj Parkhi, Indian Divine Noni Family

"Your speech was very valuable and gave more eligible information. The action  and dance were very nice too. Every one easily catch your information
That  inspired all the members."
Lal Shaik, Indian Divine Noni Family

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